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Welcome to Augustana Founders

The source of Augustana's success is the people who have made the campus their home-the faithful, the strong, and the dedicated-who believe in the college's mission to prepare courageous servant leaders. Those who founded the college over 150 years ago – Lars Paul Esbjorn, Erland Carlsson, Tufve Nilsson Hasselquist, and O.C.T. Andrén – did so in the face of tremendous adversity. In 1860 our country was in turmoil; but Augustana's founders knew that at such a time, perhaps more than any other, they could do something to make a difference.

Their optimism and faith drew them together to create a means to educate the next generation in the liberal arts and sciences while training that generation to serve and to lead. Esbjorn, Carlsson, Hasselquist, and Andrén understood that knowledge and faith are indispensable in addressing challenges and seizing opportunities. At pivotal times throughout the college's history, the understanding proved true, and it lies at the core of an Augustana education.

What is Augustana Founders?

Augustana Founders honors alumni, friends, faculty, and staff who share the abiding commitment of Augustana's founders. They believe that the generations to come should have an opportunity to experience an Augustana education. They understand that Augustana, through its mission, is poised to prepare servant-leaders to meet whatever future challenges they may face.

Members of Augustana Founders and Augustana Founders in Memoriam are individuals who have chosen to benefit the college through their estate plans or other legacy giving arrangements. The members are of all different ages and backgrounds, yet they share an important attribute: a clear vision for the future coupled with a strong sense of the past. They know that Augustana is what it is today because of the struggles, efforts, passions and generosity of those who have gone before us. They also know that this generation will be one to move Augustana into the future with continuing strength and success. Members may also benefit from their gifts as a result of estate planning, increased income, and tax savings.

How does one become a member of Augustana Founders?

Augustana extends membership to all alumni, parents & other friends who make a legacy gift, no matter what the size. Legacy gift arrangements include:

  1. Gifts through wills or living trusts
  2. Charitable gift annuities
  3. Charitable remainder trusts
  4. Beneficiary designation or transfer on death (TOD)
  5. Gifts of life insurance
  6. Remainder interest in personal residences or farm
  7. Gifts from retirement plans

To Share Your Augustana Legacy and join Augustana Founders click here.